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lvphotos's Journal

Las Vegas on Film
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated

Overview and Rules:
This is a community for anyone to post their pictures of Las Vegas and the surrounding areas.

Post your photos that you feel have captured the city at its best. They do not have to retain the Vegas integrity (that is, it doesn't have to be obvious that it was taken here--that's the entire point). I am not picky, however, as I myself will likely post pictures of outlying areas. Basically, if it was taken in Clark County, I won't argue.

Please limit your posts to photos of inherently Southern Nevadan things. Buildings, nature, candid photos of citizens/tourists, events, etc. But please refrain from anything really personal that just so happened to be taken in Vegas. People posing in the Valley of Fire is fine, just not in your backyard.

Nudity is permitted. (Come on, it's Vegas.) However, use common sense and put it behind a cut labeled NSFW. Larger pictures should also be placed behind a cut.

You may only promote other photography communties, Vegas related or not. Anything else will be promptly deleted. This community is for art and culture, and not much else.