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Desert Shores



I'm not a photographer... but I enjoy this comm, and thought to contribute pictures of todays snow...

snow in the desertCollapse )

Three more

So as not to explode anybody's friends page, they are located behind an LJ-cut.

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There haven't been too many uploads to this group, but I think it's a great idea and more people should participate. Kudos to the creator of the group. Let's see some more pictures!


I took it a while ago, but just remembered it.

It's an HDR shot, three exposures blended in Photoshop CS3.

Loading Zone 3 [HDR]


Last night

The clouds wrapping around the casinos on the Strip was unreal last night, and the MGM lent an eerie green glow to its surroundings. This, combined with the spot I parked at on Industrial, produced this.

Gotham [HDR], originally uploaded by j00zt1n.

It's an HDR shot, three exposures blended together in Photoshop, also tweaked a bit in Aperture. I hope you enjoy it.

Nature around these parts

Taken on the road to Lake Mead.

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Just a picture

This is in the pumpkin display at the Bellagio. It's pretty awesome.

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